March Goal Review

Oops, I fell off the blogging train again. Oh well, not like we did anything worth blogging about anyway. I think I rode maybe 4 times in March between spring break, the awful arena schedule, and lameness.

As of right now, everything has completely fallen apart between his lameness and mental issues for both of us, so goals are going to be suspended until I get this figured out.

March Goals:

Cosmo Goals:


  • Work on trot/canter transitions – I think of those handful of rides, we cantered once.
  • More prompt downward transitions – Oops, we lost brakes entirely
  • Maybe jump some things? – HAHA NO. We can’t even trot a 20m circle, so no jumping for us.

Manners/Groundwork/General life stuff:

  • Stay sound and sane – Is this one a curse or something? He’s been lame half the month and the hamsters in his brain moved out at the end of February.
  • Stay barefoot if possible – So far so good, and I’ve begun the journey into trimming his feet myself.
  • Maintain fitness and weight – Fitness? What fitness? At least weight is good
  • Continue standing to put girth on – He did good with this the time or two we actually tacked up
  • Fix this backing up nonsense – Has improved, but we’ve had bigger things to worry about.

J. Goals: 

  • Keep riding – lol no
  • Lots of 2-point and no stirrups – see above point about riding
  • Blog more often – oops no, but nothing happened anyway
  • Be more detail oriented at the barn – not really
  • Go to the barn at least 5 days a week, even on non-riding days. It’s 5 min away, I have no excuse. – a week of 3x daily trips to wrap legs, walk, and give medication burned me out, so this didn’t happen really at all.


Hopefully April involves less lameness, more riding, and the return of our brakes.

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