October Review / November Goals

So I made goals for October, and then promptly didn’t look a them. This month was in general a fail, but how bad of a fail was it really? October Goals Cosmo Goals: Develop some sort of fitnessĀ – This didn’t happen. I rode maybe 5-6 times, and not consistently enough. Stand for the girth to […]

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Cosmo’s Daily Schedule

Cosmo does not have a very consistent schedule, but I saw this going around and figured I may as well jump on the bandwagon. 7-9 am: Sometime between 7 and 9, Cosmo gets his breakfast (1 scoop Nutrena SafeChoice Original, 1 scoop alfalfa pellets. I am unclear on if the barn staff feeds morning hay […]

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October 10 Questions

Thanks to Liz at In Omnia Paratus for providing some blog fodder.   Most equestrians quote fall as their favorite season to ride. Are you one of those that does? Or maybe not; what is your favorite season to ride, if so? If I had trails to ride on, it would be. 2. Do you […]

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It’s Quiet Uptown

I haven’t been posting because I haven’t been riding. Well, I have been riding a bit, but I haven’t been riding Cosmo. But this blog is about me and Cosmo’s journey from the H/J world to eventing, not about me showing IHSA, so I haven’t blogged about it. This week was supposed to be our […]

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October Goals

I know September’s not over yet, but I figured I’d get a head start on October’s goals since there’s only a week left.   Cosmo Goals: Develop some sort of fitness Stand for the girth to be put on Get thrush cleared up Stay sound   J. Goals: Actually touch my horse 5x a week […]

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On a Crescendo

I have a new and very awesome pony, so I’m going to give this blogging thing another try. Cosmo is a 14 year old OTTB, 15.3 hands tall. He’s been a hunter, but we’re hoping to event (if he ever brings his head back down to earth and stops doing random lead changes). He raced […]

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