New Header!

Sorry we’re a bit light on actual content this week. Not a ton of riding happened over the weekend, and I didn’t feel like doing filler stuff. Instead, I’ve been playing around in photoshop.   Advertisements

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Yearly Goals Check-in

Since we’re 2 months in now, I figured it was time to review those yearly goals. Cosmo Goals: Riding: Maintain steering and brakes over fences – Haven’t started work over fences yet Work on leg yields and shoulder in – He does them, they suck. Work in progress. Changes? – Not on the horizon yet. […]

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February Review / March Goals

This month started off weak on the riding front, but finished up much stronger. February Goals: Cosmo Goals:  Riding: Work on trot/canter transitions – this one is a work in progress. Haven’t touched it as much as I would like, but we’ve got other things to work on too. More prompt downward transitions – making […]

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Ride Report Monday

So this week, I’ll be introducing a couple of regular series on the blog. Since I do most of my riding from Thursday-Sunday, Monday will be ride reports for the foreseeable future. I have also discovered Tongue Out Tuesday is a thing, and with this goofball, how could I not? Friday Typically, our first ride […]

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What We’re Using Right Now

Because I am bored and lack blog content, I figured I’d share what tack we’re using. I also just like to look at and talk about pretty tack. If anyone would like a review on any of these things, let me know. Bridle Our bridle is the Horze Harrison. It’s not my favorite, but it […]

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